Interior design trends woodworkers should know of.

The wood industry is often influenced by a number of factors that aren’t always directly associated with wood or woodworking. Just as in any other industry, it’s all about supply and demand. For example, the burl industry has been affected by the automotive industry. Automotive manufacturers pulled back on their purchase of wood veneer as metallic and plastic replaced the wood grain accents that were once extremely prevalent in vehicles. So, as the demand for interior automotive wood accents decreased, the demand for high-end burls that produce veneer also decreased. We in the burl industry were then forced to build new relationships and find new buyers from within other manufacturing industries.

Interestingly enough, there are other industries that can affect being in the wood business that might be overlooked. In this article I would like to focus on what’s trending in interior design. Now, I understand that as you’re working in your woodshop, the last thing that is probably on your mind is, “I wonder what’s trending?” But, if you are a wood turner or furniture maker, that question could be what keeps you in business selling your product. It could also be the questions that keeps you frustrated and eventually giving up.

According to, natural accents such as hand-turned spice bowls are in for 2018. Natural wood elements in residential settings compliment a wide variety of interior styles, so hand-turned salt and pepper shakers, serving trays and cutting boards are all going to work themselves into trendy dining rooms and kitchens. Wood tables are very in-style. According to, dark woods such as walnut will continue to dominate as the choice for furniture in 2018. Mixing dark woods and metals have been in style for some time, but what may come as a surprise is that mixing brass and raw-looking wood is now gaining popularity. Brass lamps, brass knobs and other brass fixtures mixed with wood would keep you ahead of the trends.

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Believe it or not, blue velvet furniture is taking over the design industry, and bold, rich colors are replacing white and light colors. Textures, such as elevated grain, are now becoming popular, along with pattern flooring, textile rugs, and statement ceilings. Live-edge and mid-century furniture are both trending, and mixed woods and mixed metals are both in style according to many popular designers. Making a statement with dark colored and dark wood grain cabinets is a style we are going to see more of throughout the year.


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It seems that this year and the years to come should be good for the wood industry and for woodworkers. Pallet walls are finally on their way out and more refined styles are coming back in. I encourage all woodworkers to stay ahead of the trends and keep their finger on the pulse of what’s coming. There are numerous blogs and websites online that provide quick-read information about interior design, furniture trends, housing trends and more.


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