The History of California’s Walnuts

Here at California Pacific Specialty Woods we provide many different types of wood, but the majority of what we harvest is walnut wood. If you take a drive through Northern California‚Äôs back roads, one might think that walnut trees have always grown in California. This assumption could be expected based on the obvious amount of... Continue Reading →

Hardwood VS Softwood

When most think of the term hardwood, it is assumed that the name has reference to the actual hardness or density of the wood. The same could be said for the term softwood, that per its name, this wood is inherently softer than hardwood. Ironically, the terms hardwood and softwood have no reference to the... Continue Reading →

Walnut Wood

Bastogne Walnut, also called Paradox, is a hybrid between Claro and English walnut strains. The trees produce particularly hard wood with exquisite character in both coloring and grain. The colors vary from a light golden yellow to red and dark brown, sometimes even producing streaks of nearly blackish brown. Grain can be straight or irregular,... Continue Reading →

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