Walnut Wood

  1. Bastogne Walnut, also called Paradox, is a hybrid between Claro and English walnut strains. The trees produce particularly hard wood with exquisite character in both coloring and grain. The colors vary from a light golden yellow to red and dark brown, sometimes even producing streaks of nearly blackish brown. Grain can be straight or irregular, oftentimes displaying fiddleback and curly grain in sections of the wood. Bastogne is generally easy to work with where the grain is straight but can require special attention where highly figured. The wood finishes beautifully and has many uses based on its figure and density. We have a great selection of highly figured Bastogne slabs and boards on our online shop for you to browse.
  2. Native to California, Claro Walnut, also known as California Black Walnut, is one hardwood that is desired worldwide for its density, beauty and rarity. Its high figure, rich brown colors, and striking grain patterns are used to make beautiful gunstocks and furniture. Its durability has led to a rise in popularity for Claro Walnut slabs, often finished and used for live-edge tables. Its color can sometimes include a grey or reddish cast and is typically easy to work where the grain is straight. Areas of the wood grain that is highly figured may need special attention to avoid tearout. We have a large selection of Claro Walnut products available on our online shop that are dried and ready to ship.
  3. English Walnut has a grain that can be straight or irregular and is popularly used for veneers, gunstocks, furniture, cabinetry and for turning. It is a highly respected wood worldwide, and its many different uses can be attributed to its multiple grain patterns and coloring. English Walnut can range from white sapwood to dark chocolate brown heartwood with curly or straight grain. We have a large selection of English walnut products, from live edge slabs to turning blanks listed in our online shopthat are dried and ready to ship worldwide.english header.jpg

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